About SciAnda Shanghai

SciAnda Shanghai Biochemical Technology, Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd. in mainland China. The office is located in Room 209, Block B, Uni-President Building, NO.568 Tianshan west Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China. This location is near to the center of Shanghai, and is convenient for consultations with both domestic and foreign customers.


The general purpose of this office is to facilitate and develop commercial opportunities in China by providing the pharmaceutical trade bridge between ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd. and our China-based SciAnda (Changshu) Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Located at this office is an experienced marketing team as well as a professional regulatory affairs group.


Our business objectives are to: 


● Facilitate the sale of APIs to mainland China pharmaceutical companies that are produced by ScinoPharm Taiwan, Ltd. and/or SciAnda (Changshu) Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.


● Facilitate the importation of pharmaceutical products into mainland China, connecting ScinoPharm Taiwan’s international clients with local manufacturers and distributors.


● Provide regulatory affairs support of APIs and pharmaceutical products submitted by clients to the Chinese regulatory agency, CFDA.


● Provide regulatory affairs and marketing support for domestic manufacturers of APIs and drug formulations for DMF submissions to the USA, EU and Japan.


● Provide sourcing of APIs and intermediates for international clients desiring to sell their finished products into mainland China.