The Advantages

SciAnda is a global activepharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) company providing a full range of API development and manufacturing services. We utilize pioneering technologies to promote and develop products of the finest quality and highest efficacy.


SciAnda Shanghai is our China-based marketing and product registration arm, providing international market development consultant services and relevant registry services for clients with products focused on the Chinese market. The main courses of SciAnda Shanghai include marketing and sales for the APIs of ScinoPharm Taiwan and SciAnda Changshu in Chinese market, Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) business for SciAnda Changshu and Regulatory Assistance for ScinoPharm Taiwan and SciAnda Changshu.


SciAnda Shanghai has experienced sales representatives and regulatory registry teams who are familiar with the Chinese market and its respective laws and regulations. We also provide consultant and registry services for international clients who wish to extend their business into the Chinese market. SciAnda Shanghai is driven by the needs of the international market and our ultimate goal, in cooperation with our staff inTaiwan, is to improve the lives and health of as many as possible.